Steve Di Laudo, aka “Stevie D” is a singer / guitarist / songwriter capable of faithfully playing music across a range of genres from classic rock to contemporary music and even “standards” like Frank Sinatra. 

A native of Santa Monica, California, Stevie D has been performing music since his early teens. Forming his first band at 13 and performing at Los Angeles clubs and concert venues since the age of 15, Stevie D has produced 2 albums of original music receiving great reviews in Billboard and Blues Revue Magazines.  

Television appearances  include: 

Showtimes’ “ Resurrection Blvd “ 2003, Thee Mr Duran Show ( San Gabriel Valley Ca )2004 , Good Day Arizona Channel 12 , 2005.  

His music has also been licensed By Paramount Pictures For “Resurrection Blvd” Episode #44 2003 and “The Descendants” Starring George Clooney (2011).  

Stevie D also toured  in Europe with the  Alternative Rock band “Creep” in the early 90s and shared the stage with: 

Kool and the Gang at Yuma Casino 2006, Jaime Fox, Gwyneth Paltrow, Robert Downey Jr, Gwen Stefani, and Gavin Rossdale (Bush) Nov 2013  in San Francisco  

Known for the breadth of his musical library, his faithfulness to the original musc coupled with soulful interpretations using guitar and classic rock/blues to explore piano/keyboard and modern electronic music, Stevie D connects with audiences across a wide range of ages and backgrounds to make moments worth remembering.